Drew Campbell

Drew Campbell is a voice artist, specializing in Narration, but he is versatile, so can also provide voiceovers for on hold phone applications, character voices and many other types of  voice over.

Drew Campbell, born 18th September 1968 in the border city of Carlisle in Cumbria, UK. He had a good start due to having Uncles who played guitar and sang in bands along with his elder Brother who played guitar, also having a mother and Great Grandfather who where both brilliant artists. They all played an influential part in Drew’s upbringing, along with an old family friend who was a projectionist at a local cinema, Studios 1,2,3 & 4, where he was allowed in the projection room to witness what went on behind the scenes at a cinema. As time went on he developed an interest in music, art and film which formed the foundations of who Drew Campbell is today as a person and an artist..

Music and Voice

Drew’s music ranges from country, pop, blues to rock and the most recent genre, film music, so he is quite diverse. Drew is mainly an on line artist these days, although he does perform live from time to time but he does enjoy the time he spends in his studio creating music. Read More

Drew has worked alongside Chris Bishop (HD Visuals, UK), who is an amazing film maker, recording narration for one of his landscape films and an upcoming film short and a documentary. Drew’s voice can be warm, silky and relaxing to your ears or funny and quirky. Drew will provide voiceover for corporate video, internet/web video narration, communications technology, commercials, audio books, podcasts, IVR on-hold/voicemail and documentary narration. What ever you voice over needs, please contact Drew via Email Read More


Drew has been filming music videos most recently and you will find quite a few on YouTube and Vimeo, including some live performances by him. Read More


Drew has been interested in art from an early age having a Mother and Great Grandfather that were artists helped his progression a lot. His Great Grandfather painted a lot of the old masters as well as his own work and a lot of his painting sold in sotheby's. His Great Grandfather was also an award winning engineer building minature working steam engines in his workshop, but that’s another story. Read More